Norman L. Humes, Jr., 59, of Independence, Mo., jumped into Airborne Heaven on Saturday, May 24, 2008, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Visitation and services will be held at Mt. Washington Cemetery, 614 Brookside, Independence, MO 64053, on Saturday, May 31, 2008, at 10 a.m. He leaves behind his loving wife, Karen Humes; sister Donna Jean Wells; five children, Brian, David, Christine, Jennifer and Kaleena, and 10 grandchildren, in addition to numerous veterans and service members whom he has touched deeply. He served with distinction in the U.S. Army for 12 years, receiving numerous medals, commendations and awards, including the Purple Heart. Norman spent the last 13 years of his life devoting himself charitably to working with the Military Order of the Purple Heart, helping countless veterans with their affairs. His first love was his family, followed closely by his brothers and sisters in arms of the U.S. Armed Forces, which he made a pride of to serve in their time of need. In lieu of flowers, he asks memorial contributions be made through the North American Savings Bank, at 11400 E. 23rd St., Independence, MO 64052.
Published in the Kansas City Star on 5/28/2008.

April 18, 1949 - May 24, 2008

Place To Rest

God looked down on your body,
So tired from hanging on,
From a life that was overwhelming you,
And wanted back His son.
So he took away the air you breathe,
And gave you what was best,
A place to be at peace,
A final place to rest.


Norm was a very talented writer, and I was very fortunate that he shared some of his writings with me. Some are very personal and gripping experiences from his Vietnam days. I have kept them and will always as it meant alot that he shared them with me. One poem he wrote I will share with you, I don't think he would have minded.




In a land so far away
It was just another day

The sun coming up
Was a real delight

The guns were ablazeing
My head was aching

So many rounds at the enemy
It seemed to last to eternity

Now it’s quiet and dull
I don’t know if I can stand the lull

It won’t be long till we hear them come
And we’ll start again till we’re done

In a few hours it will be another day
How long can we keep going this way?

I think of the day
When I can walk away

Back to the world my heart longs for
But will it be the same as before?

My wife of a year waits
Until I come thru the gates

She asks me where her husband be
He was off fighting for the free

My life seems a dream
So what the hell does it mean?

All gave some, some gave all
That bounces in my head like a rubber ball

As I wake from this fright
Will we of been right?

The blood and guts all around
Spread red on the ground

I hope and pray
That no other has this day

The men we left behind
Will be always on my mind

The government we trusted
Makes us so disgusted

When will this tragedy stop?
Before the next takes that hop

Now are the days that I sit and wait
And too listen for their fate

Will there be a day when I wake
From this dream for God’s sake

Written by
Norman L. Humes
Vietnam 68 – 69 / 70 – 71
101st Abn 326th Engr Bn.